Fokus dan Scope

DASARUPA : Journal of Visual Communication Design and Fine Arts is published by the Visual Communication Design Study Program, University of Nusa Putra, as a journal published every four months that focuses on presenting writings on Design and Fine Arts. This journal contains research articles or concept development related to the field of Design and Fine Arts, such as: publishing original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, and empirical research.

DASARUPA journal aims to develop and communicate widely the development of visual and multimedia communication design both theoretically and empirically.

DASARUPA seeks to represent and play an active role in the development of scientific,interdisciplinary discourse, research, and scientific publications of Visual Communication Design, Product Design and Visual Arts in general, both in academic and practical circles. Visual Photography, Videography (Film and Television), Animation, Motion Graphic, Creative Media, Advertising